Kristie as a International Speaker

Kristie Dean is available as a keynote speaker, guest presenter, or trainer/facilitator. 

Her speaking topics include:

 • How to share the power of your own story and write a book. 

• How she released and let go of past trauma, and turning hurt into power.

 • The importance of healing sexual abuse and finding your voice. • The power your mind has over your body, and her experiences from her cancer journey.

 • Experiencing Ayahuasca (plant medicine) in the Amazon jungle. 

• Feeling and connecting to your intuition/goal setting, and the power of affirmations.

 • Experiencing gastric sleeve surgery, and personal stories of the struggles with being overweight. 

• Listening to your intuition, living in the now, and trusting your heart’s journey.

The Force of Life- I AM NOW Book Series

Created by  Kristie Dean

Your life wont give you what you want,it will give you what you BELIEVIE

Your Vibe changes when you play full out.....

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I AM NOW-Book series 

“The Forces of Life”

The Power of Your Story! How to Write a chapter That Your Readers Will Love!





So you want to write a chapter about yourself? That’s great, everyone has his or her own story and everyone deserves the right to share it to the world.


"Autobiographies have been written since A.D. 400 when an early Christian leader, Saint Augustine, wrote his." An autobiography is information about one's own life written by that one person. In it, it tells what that person's life is all about. When writing your own autobiography, use interesting facts to explain as much about yourself as you can. 



Autobiography is not the story of a life; it is the recreation or the discovery of one. In writing of one's experience, you will discover yourself, and in the writing create the pattern you seem to have lived. Often times, an autobiography is merely a collection of well-rehearsed narrations; but, written intelligently, it is just a revelation, to the reader of the writer's perception of the life she/he has lived. Simply put, autobiography is a reckoning. 



The Reason Behind Writing a chapter?  


- To leave a message to future generations  - To pass on your legacy/findings - To close a period or episode  - To process experiences  - To conserve your family history  - To share what and who you are 




If you’re an emotional, passionate, curious, creative and hard-working person and have a compelling story to share, it’s more than likely that your story will be a good one. With every twist and turn that each one of us experiences throughout our lives, a wrong turn could lead us to a good path, no matter 

how hard, heart-breaking, painful and hopeless things may seem at the time; like the old adage, every cloud has a silver lining.  



To effectively write your story to ensure it is captivating to your target audience, you must hone in on your emotions, no matter how deep down you’ve buried it, or if you have to cry about it throughout your writing, assuming of course, that your story will have a plot twist that had you in an emotional rut at some stage in your life, you can use that to become relatable, modern and empathetic to your readers. 



For this to happen, you must re-trace your every single step from your first childhood memory up until your adult years. The point of this is to understand the psychological aspect of your life from childhood, whether a certain event triggered a fear or phobia in yourself, or possibly a traumatic event that caused an effect in your adolescent development and adulthood. 



By identifying these moments in your life, you’re creating a picture for your audience, like a flashback movie for them to see your past experiences and get to know you more as a person, which in turn, allows your story to be relatable and captivating. Identifying your experiences and life lessons can help your readers identify their own experiences and learn from your life lessons, which will keep them from putting the book down. 



After you’ve identified the problems you’ve had in your life, and how you’ve approached to better yourself, it somewhat becomes in to a therapeutic self-help book for yourself when writing about your future prospects and goals because it allows you to put a plan in motion and stick to it. 



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