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Kristie Dean

was born in Bunbury, in the south-west of Western Australia, and spent most of her childhood growing up in the small mining town of Wickham, in the north-west. Kristie is a true survivor, having endured and overcome a mentally, physically, and sexually abusive childhood. Kristie was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia in her late 20s, and was forced to plead to the Prime Minister to save her life. Kristie appeared in Sunday Times, and on Today Tonight, A Current Affair, and Channel Nine News in 2002, fighting to get access to a life-saving drug. Kristie, along with a small group of other patients, paved the way to get the drug, Glivec, accessible on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, making it one of the first smart drugs to be fast-tracked thought the system. It has now not only saved her life, but continues to save many more. Kristie was one of the first in the world to stop taking Glivec, against the advice of her doctors, just trusting her intuition. Kristie has remained in remission to this day.


Kristie continues to work on keeping a mentally strong way of life, believing and understanding the power of the mind. She believes you must face your fears head on, releasing and letting go of anything that may be holding you back, allowing you to turn any hurt into power. She is very passionate about raising awareness by using and sharing her own life story. She leads the way by opening up about real and very raw topics in her life in the hopes that it will get people talking, sharing, and even healing. Kristie is now an author, and a contributing author in The Book of Inspiration for Women by Women, alongside a collection of other women from around the world, sharing powerful and inspiring messages. Kristie is director and founder of Infinite Insights Pty Ltd, is a qualified massage therapist, and has certificates in many different modalities. She has helped hundreds of people in personal development and healing work over the years, and she will continue to follow her heart and purpose to make a difference; using her life experiences to inspire and motivate others to live the life they deserve. Kristie is a big-hearted, spiritual woman with a compassionate nature and a huge sense of humour. These drive her passion for making a difference in the lives of others, turning her own survival stories into thriving, powerful teachings. Kristie now lives in Perth, Western Australia, with her little Maltese dog, Jackals. They love doing Volunteer Pet Therapy work together at aged care facilities. Kristie loves anything that involves the ocean and water. In her spare time you will find her walking, meditating, and even playing her Gasong drum by the beautiful Perth coastline.


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